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Having a web page on the internet is like having a universal business card and a marketing brochure, all in one, available to the whole wide world.   If you want to advertise your services or provide a listing of your products, you need a WEB PAGE.   It tells people how to reach you.   And it can be an online store!

How It Works.

Your web page needs to include key words which will get your services or products indexed by the several search programs (like Google), and which people will enter to locate products, services or information on the INTERNET. If your customers know the exact (domain) name of your web page, they can find you without a search!   Enter the domain name on the first prompt line of your browser in the form "http://www.domain-name.com/".   Usually just domain-name.com will work.

For an Effective Search

Google scans new web pages and indexes them in their database.   If someone does a Google search using a keyword which matches the indexed information in the data base, that entry will be displayed.   How unique the keyword is or how frequently it is accessed determines how near the top of the list the result is displayed.   If the item is listed within the the top ten, it will usually be on the first page.   It does not help if the item is two, three or many more pages down in the list.   No one may ever see them!   For example, a search for "lily warren willow art gallery woodstock" is much more likely to find her than just "lily warren" or "willow art gallery".   The quotes used here is just intended to show the text to be entered.   However, if lily nell warren is surrounded by quotes, you get even better results! (lily+nell+warren works too.)

Search engines may use "META" names or keywords listed in your web page.   They also look at web page "TITLES" and the use of keywords within HEADINGS, initial paragraphs, etc.   A well designed web page is important to getting well indexed!   It also helps if you advertise access to your web page so users know how to find you, even if your item does not rank high in the results of a search.   The more people who access your web page the easier it becomes for others to find you in a search.   Be sure your web page is listed on your business cards, signs, E-Mails, and advertising.   And tell people (by word of mouth) how to find your web page!   Get other web page owners to provide links to your web page!   Add links in your web pages to their web pages too!

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To Get A Free Web Page - Continue Reading!

The first 10 local (Ulster County, NY) customers will get a simple web page in a sub-domain for free for one year!   In return, I expect to get word of mouth advertising. No on-line stores or complex E-mail prompts for now.   This offer is subject to termination at any time. Call to discuss your requirements and what it will cost. Maintaing your web page will depend on the time required to up-date it. I am not doing this to make a profit until the number of requests is greater than I can handle ...

Web pages are accessed via a name.

It's called a DOMAIN name.   This name must be absolutely unique across the entire world!   Part of the DOMAIN name is a suffix.   For commercial establishments, this is usually ".COM", ".NET" or ".BIZ".   You can buy an unused domain name for very little money.

You have to agree to the terms and conditions of the server.

The domain name has to be renewed each year or it expires and someone else could buy it.   You have to find a name which no one else owns.   Web pages can be placed in a "sub-domain" at no extra cost, unless the volume of access becomes excessive!   Buyers of domain names (as opposed to sub-domain names) will have to pay the cost of the domain name and supporting it on my server, which is about $60 per year. I reserve the right to reject any text or image which I feel is inapproprate. Cost of web page contents is subject to negotiation.

Web pages can have color, images, videos, blinking, revolving banners, feed back E-mails and advertising by others (limited by the browser your user is using.   But if what you want is to get your message across, don't let others advertise on your web page! Otherwise, you are more interested in making money than in getting your message out!   Web pages are not expensive so making money from their being accessed is not that important. But selling your products is!

Be creative in choosing a potential domain name.   Use your first and last name, and/or add your middle initial.   If your web page file name is "index.htm" or "index.html" the browser automatically will display the page.   Web pages named anything else must include the file name following the slash at the end of the domain name.   Sub-domain names work like a domain name, but depend on a prefix being attached in front of a valid domain name.   Sub-domains use a qualifier connected by a period to the associated domain name. Multiple files can be chained together using links (URLs) to create a complex system of pages for presenting your message or pointing users to other domains.

To learn more about creating a web page using Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML).

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